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Caprese Bites & Chicken Veggie Pasta

1 Jul

I love cooking for other people! I take any opportunity I get to make food for others, it’s my favorite way of showing love for friends & family! Every week, some friends and I try to get together and take turns making dinner for each other, and I love it. It’s also a good way to utilize some recipes that have been sitting around that I’ve been waiting to try. Turns out, these two recipes were perfect for a mid-summer dinner get together. Continue reading


Papa Patrick’s Italian Pasta Surprise, AKA “The only thing Pat can make”

13 Feb

A self-proclaimed recipe title by Pat! By the way, it is a requirement to say this recipe title in your head in a thick Italian accent.

I can think of very few things that were worth eating with the word “surprise” in the title. It’s generally not a good sign. However, I can vouch for Pat; that is definitely not the case for this recipe.  There’s no surprise here, he’s just not well versed at naming recipes! Continue reading

Fresh Mango Salsa

23 Jan

“Mmmm… it smells like summer!” That’s what Pat said when he stuck his nose near the bowl of salsa… and it’s so true.  It immediately reminds me of that summer brightness.

Maybe it’s the aroma of cilantro that makes everything smell fresh and clean, or maybe it’s when the lime juice mixes with the veggies and ignites all the flavors. Or the sweetness of the mangoes. YUM.

Regardless, this salsa is an excellent way to make your winter a little more summery! Everybody can agree they need a little bit of brightness right now! Continue reading

Stuffed Green Pepper Soup

5 Jan

Can you tell I’m a big fan of soup in the winter? There is something about it that is just so comforting to me when it’s cold out. Not to mention filling, and most of the time pretty healthy!  Don’t worry, I won’t be making this many soups in another 4 months.

Pat and I were at a bar called the Press Box in Sauk City, WI, and they serve a bunch of homemade soups each night. Someone ordered Stuffed Green Pepper soup at around 2 AM on New Year’s Eve, and it smelled sooooo good. Maybe it was the champagne talking, but I decided then and there I was going to make it the next day. Culver’s also has a really yummy version, too! Continue reading

Penne Rosa with Parmesan Crusted Chicken

11 Nov

I’ve always admired Noodles & Co. because they use mostly fresh ingredients, and make each dish made-to-order when a customer walks in the door. It’s also super tasty! I got a little inspiration last night and decided that Penne Rosa with parmesan crusted chicken wouldn’t be too hard to make at home. Continue reading

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