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Roasted Tomato, Red Pepper, and Basil Soup

15 Aug

As most of you who have gardens know very well, it’s prime season for tomatoes… to the point where you have so many of them you have NO idea what to do with them all!

Pat & I belong to a CSA in Madison, and it’s our first year doing it so we didn’t quite know what to expect. Here’s what we’ve found: the pure quantity of veggies we get weekly is astounding, and we split a share with my sister and her husband… I can’t imagine what a full share looks like!!  I am absolutely loving all the fresh veggies and it’s just now started to catch up with us, so I think we’ve done well so far.

Right now, this means currently we have bags full of tomatoes, garlic, basil, and onions sitting on our counter. Continue reading


Papa Patrick’s Italian Pasta Surprise, AKA “The only thing Pat can make”

13 Feb

A self-proclaimed recipe title by Pat! By the way, it is a requirement to say this recipe title in your head in a thick Italian accent.

I can think of very few things that were worth eating with the word “surprise” in the title. It’s generally not a good sign. However, I can vouch for Pat; that is definitely not the case for this recipe.  There’s no surprise here, he’s just not well versed at naming recipes! Continue reading

Fresh Mango Salsa

23 Jan

“Mmmm… it smells like summer!” That’s what Pat said when he stuck his nose near the bowl of salsa… and it’s so true.  It immediately reminds me of that summer brightness.

Maybe it’s the aroma of cilantro that makes everything smell fresh and clean, or maybe it’s when the lime juice mixes with the veggies and ignites all the flavors. Or the sweetness of the mangoes. YUM.

Regardless, this salsa is an excellent way to make your winter a little more summery! Everybody can agree they need a little bit of brightness right now! Continue reading

Pizza Lasagna… It’s Pizzagna!

14 Jan

Leftovers are AWESOME.

When I was living in North Carolina alone, I had a hard time figuring out how to cooking for just one person. My solution: Making a large pan, casserole, or soup on Sunday, and it would last through Thursday or Friday.  I still do this all the time, and find it takes a lot of stress off of me to think of dinners during the week when I’m tired and busy!

This is a great dish to make ahead when you have some extra time (maybe a Sunday), let the flavors mix together, and bake whenever you want! And if you have kids, how can you go wrong with anything that tastes like pizza?

My mom makes a great veggie lasagna, and my dad can make a MEAN homemade pizza, so you could think of this as a tribute to both!
I took several basic recipes for lasagna and customized it to be more pizza-ish.

Continue reading

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