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Home Sweet… Madison! (& Frozen Dark Chocolate Covered Banana Bites)

29 May

Whew! So, settling in took A LOT longer than I thought it would. The first week or two consisted of going to work, coming home and unpacking, taking a break to make dinner with whatever we could muster up in the fridge, and going to bed.

We also didn’t have couches delivered until May 11, so I didn’t do a whole lot of sitting down in the first two weeks! Continue reading


Skinnier Chicken Enchiladas

22 Mar

I find it really difficult to be “healthy” at a Mexican restaurant. First of all, they place a giant bowl of fried tortilla chips in front of you, and nobody expects you to just stare at it. It’s gonna end up in your belly. Tempting and basically unavoidable. Bad start, right off the bat!

Then, it seems like everything (besides the salads) on the menu is loaded with cheese, and leaves a puddle of grease on the plate… not to mention, the next day, your fingers puff up so bad from sodium overload your rings barely fit on your hands. Tastes sooo good going down, but ughhh, let’s face it, I never feel great after eating out at Mexican restaurants.

Here’s my lighter version of some at-home Mexican fare. Not so heavy on the cheese, grease or salt, but big on flavor, as Mexican should be! Continue reading

Pizza Lasagna… It’s Pizzagna!

14 Jan

Leftovers are AWESOME.

When I was living in North Carolina alone, I had a hard time figuring out how to cooking for just one person. My solution: Making a large pan, casserole, or soup on Sunday, and it would last through Thursday or Friday.  I still do this all the time, and find it takes a lot of stress off of me to think of dinners during the week when I’m tired and busy!

This is a great dish to make ahead when you have some extra time (maybe a Sunday), let the flavors mix together, and bake whenever you want! And if you have kids, how can you go wrong with anything that tastes like pizza?

My mom makes a great veggie lasagna, and my dad can make a MEAN homemade pizza, so you could think of this as a tribute to both!
I took several basic recipes for lasagna and customized it to be more pizza-ish.

Continue reading

Muffin Tin Egg Breakfast Sandwiches

30 Dec

I’m all about easy in the morning.  On a work day, you will never find me making eggs or pancakes for myself.  Nope. Too much work.  Most days, I grab a banana and a yogurt, cold cereal, or the Overnight Oats I made the night before.

I like breakfast sandwiches, but again, I just don’t have the ambition at 6:45 AM to create one! Who’s with me?

Then I came across this BRILLIANT idea, muffin tin egg sandwiches!  Continue reading

Madison’s Spicy Cheese Bread

27 Nov

My finished product

The Farmer’s Market is one of my absolute favorite things about Madison. Saturdays in summer, I’d go to the Capitol Square with $25 and come home with bags of fresh, local, beautifully grown veggies, fruit, flowers, pastries, and other goodies. What could be better?! I love that everyone is so eager to be supporting local farmers and businesses. It’s one of the things that make Madison a truly special city! And just think, all of the restaurants on the Square can just walk out their doors on Saturday and buy all of their produce for the week.  Amazing. Continue reading

(Almost) Panera Cheddar Broccoli Soup

8 Nov

One of my favorite things EVER: Panera Bread Broccoli Cheddar Soup. Continue reading

Gameday Chili

2 Nov

Everybody has their own chili recipe… and everyone thinks theirs is the best!

We all like it a little differently, and it probably has a lot to do with how you grew up eating it. There are so many variations; what types of beans, meat, tomatoes, spiciness, potatoes/pasta, etc. Your recipe probably has been passed down through generations of chili-makers, not changing much along the way. My family’s used potatoes, which I haven’t found in many other recipes. Continue reading

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