Super Bowl Snack Makeover

2 Feb

You’ve worked so hard the whole month of January to stick to eating healthier- don’t let Super Bowl Sunday ruin that! Shake it up a bit and bring healthier versions of some of the favorite party snacks!

I guarantee people will appreciate providing some healthier items to snack on that won’t leave them weighed down and feeling like they just ate a day’s worth of calories (which, by the way, is the average amount of calories a football fan eats at a Superbowl party… yikes!).

Regardless of who wins the game (and let’s face it- nobody really care who wins, since the Packers aren’t playing), you’ll score some points with your guests.

Baked Buffalo Wings

Wings are standard Super Bowl party fare, and it’s easy to get carried away eating tons of them. Rather than ordering from the Lube or BW3’s, bake your wings. Baking vs. frying anything is a great rule to follow when it comes to party foods. The skin cooks nicely in the oven, and in my opinion, there’s nothing worse than soggy wings anyway!

Baked Mozzarella Sticks


A Wisconsin staple at any social event, fried mozz sticks or cheese curds. While deliciously amazing, fried cheese just isn’t the healthiest choice on the table. Just like the wings, bake them instead of frying. You can even use part skim mozzarella string cheese and save a few extra calories.

Chocolate covered strawberry footballs


Aren’t these the cutest? If you have a lot of patience to paint a bunch of these, people would adore these! Also a great way to get a serving or two of fruit for the day!



Lots of dips are sour cream, cream cheese, or cheese based; translation: lots of saturated fat and calories. Skip the cream based dips and go with the guac. Avocadoes are relatively high in calories because they contain lots of (healthy) fats, so watch your portions. But the fresh tomatoes, avocadoes, garlic, onions, etc. are fabulous sources of healthy fat, and tons of vitamins and minerals, so this dip packs a nutritional punch. Make it fresh, don’t buy it from the store- you’ll save some extra added sodium and will be able to control how much you add yourself.

Cowboy Caviar


Here’s another yummy dip for chips that I’ve had before. I’m partial to any recipe with corn and black beans, which have tons of fiber and are ridiculously delicious paired together. Fiber means it’ll keep you full and less likely to continuously snack throughout the day!


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